Suttle Lake 2008

Suttle Lake was a fun time this year. We started out by purchasing a water trampoline for the kids. It proved to be a huge hit. Stephanie planed this outing several months earlier under the assumption that we were just camping with friends. Well, that was part of it, but it was all designed to surprise Bud for his upcoming 50th Birthday in December. What better way to surprise him and get all of us together, 4 months early. Stephanie had all of us playing our parts, even down to the kids. After all the planning and talking, Bud didn’t have a clue. The day of his party, Stephanie sent him on a short, almost 5 mile walk around the lake with his cousin and friend Dale. They arrived back at camp to all of us ready and waiting for the guest of honor to arrive. You did it Steph, all he could say for days after too, “You really got me!” Thanks for the fun time and we will do it again next year. Enjoy the fun pictures.

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  1. Stephanie Fennimore says:

    I think these are awesome!!! CAn I get this on a disk???? Great Job! Well Where are we going to camp this year! Any suggestions or time?

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