Monarchs vs. Woodland

Monarchs take the home court for the last time this season. Woodland played a conservative first half taking long offensive sets limiting the time the Monarchs had the ball. At half time, the score was tied. Monarchs were able to apply extreme defensive pressure in the next two quarters to blow the game wide open allowing the Monarchs to coast in for the victory. Following the game, the senior players honored their parents.

Monarchs vs. Woodland

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  1. Eric VanZanten says:

    Oops, I sent you an outdated e-mail address on my last mailing. Would you please send me the info on how to order photos again. sorry, eric

  2. Eric VanZanten says:

    It says there is a number in the lower left-hand corner of the photos. I don’t see where that is. Do we have to download that “simple viewer” program to order photos? Thanks for getting the pics of us and Ross. They’re really great. Eric

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