Monarch Varsity Soccer 2011 Season

Monarch Varsity Soccer 2011 Season.

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  1. Max Westervelt says:

    okay, so i have all of the numbers… but i do not have your email, and i cannot find it, so can i just put them on this comment? If that won’t work then tell me otherwise thanks 🙂

    1. AZ3F0114
    2. AZ3F0291
    3. AZ3F0501
    4. AZ3F0555
    5. AZ3F0614
    6. AZ3F0636
    7. AZ3F9466
    8. AZ3F7257
    9. AZ3F7316
    10. AZ3F7525
    11. AZ3F7565
    12. AZ3F7617
    13. AZ3F7677
    14. AZ3F6476
    15. AZ3F6514
    16. AZ3F6554
    17. AZ3F6559
    18. AZ3F6573
    19. AZ3F6595
    20. AZ3F9821

    Those are all of the pictures that i would like to have if its okay. These pictures are all really great! Thank you so much, and once you put them on a disc for me
    how should you get them to me?

    -Max Westervelt

  2. Max,

    I would be happy to get your pictures to you… BUT, you must go thru them and pick them all out… As I do not have the time… There is a number on each of the pics that are very long… Starts with AZ3F….. you can e-mail the numbers to me and I will burn them onto a disk for you. The picture files are very large… So this is the best way,
    Kristi Hamlik

  3. Max Westervelt says:

    Hello, I am pretty sure you know me, I am number 8 on this team, Max Westervelt, and I was wondering if i could have the pictures of me emailed to me, if it is not a possibility I totally understand, I was just curious if I could have them, because you guys do such a great job of capturing the game! These photos are great!

    – Max Westervelt

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