Australia Trip 2011

Traveled Australia with the basketball team.  Thanks to all our new friends in Australia for a great time.

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  1. Thommo says:

    Great to have you guys over here, you are a great crew . I hope to visit you guys in the next 12 months and hopefully bring my boys over sometime. Billy thought I was very convenient that you never met me anywhere near a hoop so that I couldn’t post your arse up!!! 

  2. Marie Nottage says:

    Great pictures and wonderful memories. Thank you.
    Coach B and Cathy – you guys definately sound like true blue Aussie’s now so you will need to come back and see us soon.


  3. Coach B and Cathy says:

    G’Day Mates! What a life long memory. This trip was over the top. “A toad in the hole, Fair Dinkem, No Worries, Too Easy, No Dramas, Piggy, yeah yeah, and SHAZZA, a woman formerly known as Sharon!

  4. Katrina Bakamus says:

    Thank you so much Hamlik Family! I had a great time with you guys in Australia and am sad to have missed the last week. Thanks for all the beautiful pictures!!!!

  5. Marilyn Tilton says:

    Love the happy smiling faces. Looks like you are standing on a bridge? Where are the basketball guys? How are the games going?

  6. Marie Nottage says:

    Hi guys,
    Hope your enjoying Cairns? Had a great time with you all at Wildfire Restaurant on Monday night where the meal was just wonderful, so thank you so much for inviting us and for your generosity.
    Just looking for some basketball photo’s of the little boys (Reece and Reed), will keep looking.
    Keep having fun in our beautiful country,
    Rex (Coach) and Marie Nottage

  7. Lynda Bartleson says:

    That looks awesome! We need more pics! Wish I was there.

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